Hai people. People used to call me "Leles". actually, Alisia James is my Name. i am getting old this year. Turning 17Teen years old. That's mean i am going to sit a big exam.Currently im taking Civil engineering studies at Litech secondary school,Likas. Proud to be sabahan. I believe everything happen for a reason. I am taken by MR.Oliver allexsius. Whatever happen to myself, i called it as a LIFE.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today, our plan is need to clean all my stuff with my sis coz our "BILIK" so messy and dirty! maybe we will start our movement after my sister got up. After that, I must complete all my homework before opening the school holidays. Then I need to revision if saya rajin lar . that's all for today !

ketika saya masih muda:)


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