Hai people. People used to call me "Leles". actually, Alisia James is my Name. i am getting old this year. Turning 17Teen years old. That's mean i am going to sit a big exam.Currently im taking Civil engineering studies at Litech secondary school,Likas. Proud to be sabahan. I believe everything happen for a reason. I am taken by MR.Oliver allexsius. Whatever happen to myself, i called it as a LIFE.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This is what we called sunday :)

Hye Readers,
 Wassup guys? woke up at 7 something. As usual, take bath and dressing up myself. Today, i'm wearing T-shirt with cardigan Pink,Bag pink,skiny jeans and flat shoes pink. Wow, i'm wearing pink ow today. Nice combination. Haha

About 7.5o am, got down from house. Then waiting 4 da church bus to come but unfortunately the driver Cuti baa. Since my mum tidak pndai drive so t'pksa Naik bas. Penat sia ow Naik baas. About 8.30 we arrived at church then finished at 10.00. Btw, khotbah today was very meaningful to me . 

 Then, Me&Baby go to servay to meet agnes there. We look for headband baa actually but not our test. so we chaw, while waiting nelly to come we all play keyboard. It was embrassing moment coz all people there watching us play the keyboard. Sia malu oww . haha
 After nelly arrived, we all take bus go to lok yuk. We all stop at chung schooll then walking to lok yuk ! so tired bebeh jalan kaki. Finally, we all arrived at lok yuk and then cari mom2. haha. 

Me,nely&baby force nenet to follow singing competition and nenet said yess . wee~ Fuiyoh, mantap gila c nenet Sing . She got 2nd place for singing competition. Then, we all go to gerai called " Magic gerai'. I'm so fall in love with the guy. aww, I love you! The guy got do some magis to me . want to know? First he said who want $$? then i answered we all want that $$. The guys said you lar , he ask to kc kluar tgn . First, money yg OUT then tiba2 lipas kluar. Pa lgi saya, scream baa. Btw, the guy from fuiyoh magic baa . we all so lucky can meet them. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GUYS! AWW:)

having so much fun with NeLy Goloi, Aei Agnes and BabyHallo Chu just now at Hari terbuka Lok yuk. Horay, Aei Agnes got 2nd place for singing competition. Btw, today we all jmpa Ahli magic from fuiyoh magic season 2& Hensem boy . aww:)

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