Hai people. People used to call me "Leles". actually, Alisia James is my Name. i am getting old this year. Turning 17Teen years old. That's mean i am going to sit a big exam.Currently im taking Civil engineering studies at Litech secondary school,Likas. Proud to be sabahan. I believe everything happen for a reason. I am taken by MR.Oliver allexsius. Whatever happen to myself, i called it as a LIFE.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hot story:)

Hye readers,

Hell yeah? How are you guys? i'm fine here . Btw, Happy Deepavali to all indian People! My life was suck but i'm happy with my life nor a little bit bored . About school pla was okay but "Ada orang bikin panas" Der? p/s: DO I LOOk LIKE I CARE? Go to hell !

Sigh* so much trouble at school . want to know about what? Fighting with Orang yang paling bikin panas and Trip baik aka trip suci di hadapan orang ramai? Baa, if you guys read this entry, Faham2 Lar. Don't make so much trouble baa . Faham? Face to Face kunun? Der,. Btw, act like nothing happen baa . senang Cerita !

Big Trouble&fighting:)

Btw, school holiday is coming ! i'm so relief oww . That's mean i'm not gonna see Face yang Bikin panas everyday. yahoo :) I hope i Kena accept msuk Litech. Aman dunia saya . I pray to god, i hope i can masuk to Litech next year. Dear, god please accept my Desire ! and also hope to get Straight 'A' or 5A mybe . Please god . Amen:)

Twin one, twin too!

Actually, this story bukan Hot sngt Pun . saja2 Put title like that . wakaka :) Peace No war !


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