Hai people. People used to call me "Leles". actually, Alisia James is my Name. i am getting old this year. Turning 17Teen years old. That's mean i am going to sit a big exam.Currently im taking Civil engineering studies at Litech secondary school,Likas. Proud to be sabahan. I believe everything happen for a reason. I am taken by MR.Oliver allexsius. Whatever happen to myself, i called it as a LIFE.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ice-cream !

Conversation atikah with "penjual AISKRIM"
Atikah: PAKCIK !  Berapa hrg niie ice cream?
Pakcik: ada yg RM 1&RM 1.50?
ATIKAH: saya maw 3 choclate& 1 vanila.


Atikah: Les, nah ice cream koe .
Me: Thank you atikah !
Atikah: Nah, ice cream kmu .
Agnes: ui, sya pnya ice cream mna?
Atikah: PAKCIK, 1 lgi ice cream
Pakcik: aik? yg kmu pnya tu RM 1.5O tu?
Atikah: sya minta RM 1 smua. Nah, pakcik ambil lar balik nie ice cream
ALL: hahahaha ! budu oww koee
Atikah: T'pksa byar 5o sen blikkk !

p/s: C NUR ATIKA ABDUL AZIZ mmg mcm tu even dya form 3 sdhh . hahah



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