Hai people. People used to call me "Leles". actually, Alisia James is my Name. i am getting old this year. Turning 17Teen years old. That's mean i am going to sit a big exam.Currently im taking Civil engineering studies at Litech secondary school,Likas. Proud to be sabahan. I believe everything happen for a reason. I am taken by MR.Oliver allexsius. Whatever happen to myself, i called it as a LIFE.

Thursday, November 18, 2010



wassup ? my life was bored&sucks . Bikin panas. Btw, Holiday is coming. oh yeah, today i got award from my old friend MAS AYU IZZATI. Fyi, this is my first award. without waste a second, let me list about myself:

1. shopping is my favourite PART but if only got $$.
2. love to hang out with friend&Love them so much
3. i want DSLR so much
4. Hummer is my FAVOURITE car
5. Jeju Island is my FAVOURITE place. i wish i can go there when i already got my Own money.
6. FASHION is my Boyfriend&MUSIC is my GIRLFRIEND
7. very shy person but if already kenal each other my mouth can't stop talking
8. easily to remember lyric but if about pelajaran? huh , no way.!
9. wish can have my own guitar&piano. my old guitar Hilang. Kena curi oleh orang yang tdk Guna. Go to hell !
10. love to read 'Chicken soup for the teenage soul" best sangat.
11. wish my mum buy me a new handphone. fyi, saya takde phone. my old phone already 'Rosak'. huh? can ur guys imagine how i can live without hp for 5 months? Nasib ada internet di rumah. If not mybe im already goin' nuts but tidak msuk Bukit padang lar. haha

okay. sorry i give 11 . haha . Enough already . Too much sudah sya cakap nie . Thank you so much ayu for giving me award. so this award i give to my Darling, SURAIDAH SUNIL. Peace no war .

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